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hey y'all welcome to my page.on this page you will find info,pics,lyrics,etc on the one and only MISS THANG aka MONICA oh,and i have amonica zine if you wanna join e-mail me i will update my page every week and if u have any questions,suggestions,or info on monica e-mail me at monicaLUV@aol.com i hope u like my page


Monica f/ J.D. and R.O.C. - The First Night Remix

Chorus: I should I should Make a move, but I won't I know you probably think something is wrong Knew that it won't be right I wanna get down, but not the first night

Monica - Verse 1: Saturday Night Feeling kinda light I wanna get close to you and let you call me your baby Know it ain't right It's just the first night Sitting here looking and it's driving me crazy Knew it was wrong for feeling this way The thought of giving in on the first date Couldn't let go it stayed on my mind At the end of the night I had to decide I was thinking...

Repeat Chorus 2x

Monica - Verse 2: My body's telling me yes You put me to the test But I don't know how much longer I can keep my composure Trying my best to deal with all of this But at the same time I can feel us getting closer Felt so right, but it felt so wrong And look how we are carrying on Trying to say things to get me to stay while my watch is telling me it's getting too late I'm thinking...

Repeat Chorus 2x

JD: Tonight little kiss touch We ain't gotta do all of that stuff I'm just sitting here trying to chill with you We ain't gotta rush I just wanna ball with you In and out the mall with you Out of town on the phone all night call with you Cheat Cheat Baby I do my shit correct You and me just met You ain't supposed to be ready yet Cause u don't know if I just want sex And I don't know if you want my checks Even though u probably expect for me to be kissing on your neck Now Baby

R.O.C: If you show me yours I'll show you mine I see u get hot and I know it's time At 69 we can draw the line Or you could give me yours and I'll owe you mine When I meet the girl Creep the girl I freak the girl, I please the girl If you need the girl, man keep the girl Better hope R.O.C. don't see the girl If I should I should make a move Make it smooth Take her to that crib Lay her back put her in a groove Make her ahh, make her ooh Cause money come money go So do a honey though Love when they go "how low?" Front, back, to the floor Now keep on working that Where Jersey at? Where Jersey at?

Repeat Chorus 2x

Bridge: If u want me You got to know me And if you want my love you gotta wait my love Baby that's the way it's got to be Get to know me so we can do this

Repeat Chorus til the end


monica on the cover of ym- do any of u have the new ym with monica on the cover?if u dont u should get it well anyways it shows her on the cover and u know how she always wears an arm band to cover up her tattoo?well she wasnt wearing 1 and i saw no tattoo but i have a pic of her in 1995 and u can see that she has a tattoo hmm i dont know if u want the pic that it shows her tattoo e-mail me.

brandy and monica rumor-u all may have heard that brandy and monica got in a fistfight while they were rehearsing for the music awards well i believe it is false i believe its a rumor but who knows?i think they get along though

monicas single goes platinum-monicas single "the first night" has gone platinum u go girl thats what im talkin about.

monica and c-murder-for those of u who havent heard monica is with c-murder they are a couple they make a cute 1 too. monica next single-monicas next single is angel of mine the song is playing on radio stations the video should be out on bet in two weeks

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