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monica arnold

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stars STATS:

Real Name:
Monica Arnold
professional singer
october 24th 1980
Birth Place:
college park,GA
Contact Address:

P.O. Box 672557
Marietta.GA 30006-0056

stars a bit of information on monica's new album

monica arnold aka "miss thang" has been gone for 3 three years but now she back
with a new look and new album.back on monica's first album she recorded songs
when she was 13,and 14 years old on her new album u will see that she has grown up a whole lot.with songs like 'the boy is mine',"the first night","ring da bell"u can tell she hs matured as monica says her new album is a"self portrait of her self" im glad miss thang is back i have missed her
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Monicas place!

stars information on monicas lovelife

alright everyone wants to know is monica single,or does she have a boyfriend?
there are rumors that she is with usher,silkk the shocker,or c-murder.well from what i hear she is with c-murder but the problem is that he is married and has two kids well thaz what i heard but she is with c-murder
i personally think she shouldnt be with him but if he makes her happy thaz okay as long as monicas happy with whoever shes with

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